Asphalt, granite, gravel, sand, and dirt quickly wear away the surface of ground-engaging skids on mowers. During a typical season, a skid will need replaced more than once. Z-Skids utilize solid Tungsten Carbide on the surface of the skid to virtually eliminate wear. We can manufacture Z-skids for any boom, rotary, or flail mowers, or we can upgrade your skid to a Z-Skid by applying our Carbide technology. Z-Skids have been proven in the field to extend the life of mowers, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

A skid on a mower without Z-Skid Carbide protection will quickly deteriorate and need replacing.

A Z-Skid shows minimal signs of wear after several seasons of use

Customer skid replaced 4 times in one season

A Z-Skid shows minimal signs of wear after several seasons of use

Why Z-Skids?

We have more than half a century of experience in applying solid Tungsten Carbide to products that experience wear, extending the life of those parts exponentially. With Z-Skids, the Carbide is applied to the ground-engaging surface of a mower skid. Z-Skids show minimal wear after several mowing seasons.

The OEM skid on a Tiger mower typically lasts just

a few months, requiring a replacement about twice per mowing season.


With tungsten carbide Z-skids,

the same Tiger mower has required zero replacements

after four mowing seasons, and is still going strong!


We custom engineer and manufacture

skids for any machine that sees ground-engaging wear.


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F: Solid Tungsten Carbide is one of the most abrasion-resistant materials available.

B: Z-Skids perform many years beyond OEM skids.B: With longer wear life, mowers can operate longer and require less maintenance.

F: We can custom manufacture Z-Skids for all manufacturers and deck sizes, or can upgradeyour existing skid to a Z-Skid.

B: We have the capabilities to enhance any mower with Z-Skid technology.

B: Z-Skids reduce operating costs and increase production.


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