See the BTE Culvert Cleaner at the APWA Mid-Winter Equipment Show!

Get an up-close look at the innovative BTE Culvert Cleaner at the Georgia APWA Mid-Winter Equipment Show on February 13!

BTE Culvert Cleaner System
BTE Culvert Cleaner System

Ballast Tools Equipment will have its Culvert Cleaner System – a BTE Excavator with its unique Culvert Cleaner – on display at the Georgia National Fair Grounds and Agricenter in Perry, Georgia. Steve Whittington and Joe Smith will be on-hand to discuss the features of the system and how it can help with difficult road drainage issues.  BTE equipment is available for purchase or lease!

BTE will also be featuring its excavator-mounted vegetation-fighting Mulcher head with fixed carbide teeth, as well as other exciting solutions for road maintenance.

Inside, at lobby booth L5, attendees can get their hands on interesting and cost-effective replacement parts like the BTE Carbide-Protected Mower Skid – replacement skids that are easy to install and are proven to last multiple seasons with amazing carbide wear protection.

See Steve or Joe at lobby booth L5 or outdoor booth O7 at the Georgia National Fairground and Agricenter, or call 636-937-0505 now!

BTE Carbide Improves the Life of Mower Skids

BTEDOT SkidThe Department of Transportation for one southeast state is reaping the benefits of applying Ballast Tools Equipment’s Carbide Mower Skids to their bush hogs. The skids have far exceeded the normal duration of operation, already into their second mowing cycle and showing minimal signs of wear. BTE makes wear-proofed Carbide skids to fit most boom mounted or pull behind rotary mowers, and can also custom engineer and manufacture skids of any size or shape to fit your needs. Contact BTE today at 636-937-0505.

BTE to Exhibit at AL DOT Maintenance Management Meeting

BTE Culvert CleanerBallast Tools Equipment Regional Account Manager Steve Whittington will be exhibiting the latest innovations for roadway maintenance at the 45th Annual Maintenance Management Meeting August 10-11 at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Spa in Montgomery, AL. Stop by the BTE booth for information on our Culver Cleaner System, Mulcher, Roadbed Undercutter, and more!


BTE to Exhibit at SSEMC

Steve Whittington - BTE
Steve Whittington, BTE Regional Account Manager

Ballast Tools Equipment Regional Account Manager Steve Whittington will be exhibiting at the Southeast States Equipment Managers Conference Annual Meeting July 24-27 at Jekyll Island, Georgia. Stop by the BTE booth for information on our Culver Cleaner System, Mulcher, Roadbed Undercutter, and more!

The BTE Culvert Cleaner Gets The Job Done.

BTE Culvert CleanerEngineers with Ballast Tools Equipment recently displayed the might and capabilities of the BTE Culvert Cleaner System. The team was challenged with a clogged box culvert along a roadway, and both sides were completely flooded. Fed by a spring, a small pond on one side had filled the four-foot high culvert over time with silt and debris. Heavy rains resulted in water on the roadway, and the road was deteriorating as the ground beneath it crumbled. With water surrounding the culvert on both sides, an ordinary jet powered auger system would not be effective. The BTEBTE Culvert Cleaner System Culvert Cleaner was able to clear out one of the 10-foot wide culvert boxes in less than one day, using about 115 feet of augers. “They said that water hadn’t flowed through that culvert in 20 years,” said BTE sales engineer Matt Weyand. The BTE Culvert Cleaner System includes a BTE-312 with RototiltTM and auger drive, as well as 10-foot long augers and racks. For information on buying or leasing a BTE Culvert Cleaner System, call 636-937-0505 today!

Clear Culverts Quickly with BTE’s Culvert Cleaner

BTE Culvert CleanerClogged culverts can cause washed out roads and flooding, requiring additional road maintenance or costly rebuilds. The BTE Culvert Cleaner System is the most efficient way to mechanically clean debris-filled culverts up to 140 feet in length, preventing damage and saving time and money on road repair and erosion. The Culvert Cleaner can auger out a 24-inch diameter culvert pipe 40-feet long and 80% clogged in approximately 90 minutes, allowing your crew time to clean multiple culverts in one day! The process is fast and dry, with no water or vacuuming required. Operators can add on multiple augers to reach the required length, and the multi-camera system makes it easy to see the cleaning progress inside the culvert. The BTE Culvert Cleaner System helps prevent flood damage and wash-outs on roadways by keeping culverts open and free flowing, which also allows your crew more time to focus on other important road maintenance projects. For information on buying or leasing a Culvert Cleaner System, contact BTE today at 636-937-0505.

BTE Mulcher System Clears Weeds, Brush and Trees with Ease

BTE MULCHER ON EXCAVATORQuickly remove vegetation and overgrowth around rails and right-of-ways with the Ballast Tools Equipment Mulcher System. The BTE Mulcher can clear undergrowth, trees, and control brush even in the most difficult terrain. A wide 53-inch cutting width with 30 Carbide-enhanced teeth, the BTE Mulcher has the ability to mulch and clear trees up to six inches in diameter, and it can also handle low-lying brush with ease. BTE’s install team can modify your machine to efficiently power the BTE Mulcher System. BTE also offers the Mulcher with a hi-rail machine, such as our new BTE 325 excavator, for sale or lease. Need to clear brush now? Call 636-937-0505 for BTE sales or leasing! (See the BTE Mulcher in action at

Enhance Your Mower with BTE Carbide Deck Skids

BTEDOT MOWER SKIDSThe mowing season is upon all Departments of Transportation, and Ballast Tools Equipment is here to help! Deck skids on mowers wear out quickly, subjected to constant wear and rugged use. The BTE Carbide Mower Skids last three or four seasons, keeping your BTE MOWER SKID CLOSE UPmowers up and running. The BTE team will modify your machine to include the BTE Mower Skid. If you want to control vegetation effortlessly and more efficiently, contact BTE today!

BTE receives a lot of attention at Mississippi DOT show!

BTEDOT MDOT SHOWBTE was excited to be participating in the Vendor Trade Show at the Mississippi Department of Transportation Maintenance Meeting April 18-20 at the Landers Convention Center in Southaven, Mississippi. The BTE team shared information about our line of DOT equipment, such as the Culvert Cleaner, Mulcher, and Mower Skid. Visitors to Booth #33 were astounded by the technology shown by BTEDOT, with new innovative equipment explained by BTEDOT representatives Matt Weyand & Steve Whittington!

BTE promotes Nathan Walck  to Fleet Manager

BTE is excited to announce that Nathan Walck has accepted the Fleet
Manager position.  Nathan has been working as a Mechanical Engineer at
Good Earth Tools (GET), BTE’s parent company,  for 4.5 years.  He is very familiar with our equipment and attachments and will be a great addition to
the Fleet Manager position, managing over 60 machines and 100’s of attachments.  Nathan will also be handling the sales side for our off-lease and used equipment.  for more information on BTE’s offerings on our used equipment, go to

Visit BTE at the Pipeline + Energy Expo Next Week!

Ballast Tools Equipment will be exhibiting at The Pipeline and Energy Expo April 4-6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Visit Booth #1217 and talk to Matt Weyand!

BTE Exhibits at CGA!

BTEDOT booth at Orlando FL CGA!

Ballast Tools Equipment recently presented at the CGA Excavation Safety Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL.  This is the national show for excavation safety and damage prevention.  BTE sales engineer Matt Weyand met a lot of great contacts, who were very impressed with the BTE Culvert Cleaner System, as well as the Mulcher and Pipeline Undercutter attachments.  This was BTE’s second year attending the show, and we continue to build our brand and expose show attendees to who we are and what we do for the DOT and Utility industries. For more information on BTE’s products, please contact us!


–Georgia Chapter APWA

BTE attended the Midwinter Equipment show in Perry, GA and exhibited the Culvert Cleaner System and Pipeline Undercutter.

BTEDOT Booth was very busy!

Matt Weyand and Steve Whittington, two sales representatives for BTE, were pleased at the amount of positive reception and interest for the Culvert Cleaner.

This BTE Culvert Cleaner System – along with the Pipeline Undercutter – is designed to be safe, efficient and provide durable, long lasting performance.

Matt Weyand also stressed to DOT, roadwork and utilities maintenance attendees at the show, that BTE’s staff of experienced engineers can provide custom solutions to resolve production and performance challenges related to field operations.

Looking for ways to improve your work production?

Call 636-937-0505 to learn more!